Health Promote Max – Power Up Your Pet’s Diet For The Very Best Of Health

Ideally, the food you feed your pet should contain all the nutrients necessary to promote the very best of health.

The reality however, is that even if a high quality raw, tinned or dried food is fed, this isn’t enough.


Fast Food

Intensive farming, with its goal of producing more and more food as quickly as possible and the reliance on heavy chemical fertiliser and pesticide use, has drained the nutrients from soil – so much so that there has been a staggering fall in the mineral content of agricultural land in the last 100 years alone.

The result is farmed food, livestock and crops, which are increasingly deficient in natural minerals.

How Does This Affect Health?

Countless chemical and electrical processes are occurring in the body all the time.

These can only function correctly if the right balance of minerals is continually supplied to the body, for example:

      • iron for the blood
      • calcium for cardiac function and bones
      • copper for iron utilisation, protein synthesis and a healthy nervous and immune systems.

If the body is to function normally and pets are to be as healthy as they possibly can be, these and numerous other minerals and trace elements need to be supplied continually by the diet to replenish those expended on a daily basis.

Given soil depletion however, and the nutrient deficient state of farmed food, this is not happening. 

The result?

Nutritional deficiencies and dietary related health problems at some stage.

Realising this decades ago, we began to use carefully selected whole foods and whole food extracts rich in these minerals and other important nutrients, to promote optimum health in dogs and cats.

And the benefits seen in tens of thousands of pets over the years led to Health Promote Max.

Health Promote Max is unlike any other holistic, supplement support regime

A product of 30+ years clinical expertise, the unique, synergistic combination of 3 specially formulated natural supplements powerfully promote health in 3 vital areas:

        • gut health
        • cellular functioning (including healing, regeneration and repair)
        • immune system defences

Gut Health

DIGESTION – a clinically proven blend of 2 natural prebiotics (Brewer’s yeast and fructooligosaccharides from chicory) encourage the growth of beneficial bowel bacteria important for healthy digestion.

And good digestion enables the body to extract the nutrients from the diet that supports optimum health.

A healthy gut flora population also supports the immune system lining the gut, and can improve mood, mental alertness and behaviour.

Cellular functioning

VITALITY – a specially formulated combination of 2 of the richest whole foods on the planet (organic spirulina and organic chlorella), which provides an exceptional array of nutrients vital for every organ, tissue and cell in the body.

Supplying these biologically active, bursting-with-life natural amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and co- factors, supports optimum cellular functioning and the healing, regeneration and repair that constantly takes place in the body, day and night.

Immune system defences

IMMUNITY – a synergistic blend of 3 natural ingredients (unadulterated Echinacea purpurea plant and root, plus organic kelp) designed to strengthen the immune system and the body’s natural defence mechanisms (including the mucous membranes, white blood cells and stem cells essential for continued good health).

The Very Best of Heath

We’re not happy with second best.

Never have been.

And that’s why we want dogs and cats not just to be healthy, but to be as healthy as they can be – AND and for as long as possible, given their own, unique individual genetic make up and circumstances.

Providing maximum nutritional support to the gut flora and the trillions of cells in the body (including those that make up the immune system) with Health Promote Max is an important step in achieving this goal.

But what about all those ‘added vitamins and minerals’?

Next time you pick up a tin or bag of of dried pet food, look closely at the label.

Somewhere on most you will see the phrase ‘Nutritional Additives’ or Added Vitamins and Minerals’.

Sound really healthy don’t they?

And the longer the list underneath this heading, the more full of goodness the food must be – right?

Sadly, this is anything but true.

What the label doesn’t state, is that any ‘vitamin’ or ‘mineral’ individually named is a synthetically made version of the real thing found in Nature. these are produced in large scale manufacturing plants (like fertiliser) from raw materials such as petrol, coal tar, cyanide and industrial strength acids mixed with rocks. All a far cry from the natural, life-enhancing counterparts found in the whole foods and whole food extracts present in our supplements.

And so, it’s important not to be misled by these EU sanctioned descriptions into thinking that these chemical additives compensate in any way for the nutrients missing in soil, or that they have a positive effect on pet health. In fact, many may well have the opposite effect.


In addition to supplementing with Health Promote Max, other measures are important too for fostering optimum health.

The top 3 are:

          • feeding a highly nutritious and completely healthy, balanced diet (which includes small amounts of other raw foods in addition to the supplements described)
          • minimising exposure to harmful chemicals (in the diet and environment)
          • avoiding pet products that carry the risk of serious or significant harm

These and associated topics will be covered in the near future, in upcoming blogs.

As always, if you have any questions or queries at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Author: Vince the Vet

Vince MacNally BVSc VetMFHom MRCVS - An expert Holistic Vet in the UK with 30+ years clinical expertise.

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